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Green Desk Marketing offers solutions in digital marketing and brand awareness management. Customized strategic marketing plan is a road-map to your Brand’s growth. 

Market analytic is also a critical part of the marketing projects. It aims to provide market research, competitive analysis, trend analysis, demand projection, customer segmentation, and other related insights. We analyze the market, policy, and motivation to apply our metrics to your marketing campaigns.   

Strategic Marketing Plans include: 

  1. Market Research and Market Entry 
  2. SWOT Competitive Analysis
  3. Domain Audit and SEO Check
  4. Email and Social Media Marketing Plan
  5. Media, PR, Community Outreach Plan
  6. Google Analytics and Product Proposals 
What We Do - Green Desk Marketing
What We Do - Green Desk Marketing


A practical, fully optimized, and up-to-date website is 90% of your Brand’s success. In the digital era websites are your digital business cards, storefronts, and ways to communicate with clients and community. Getting ahead in competitive marketing with your user-friendly websites, and SEO content should be a priority. 

Developing new websites is somehow more accessible than a company-wide digital rebrand or maintenance of the old versions of your web-pages. Still we have you covered in any scenario. 

What is included in our toolkit?

  1. Website Design and Maintenance 
  2. Landing Page Design 
  3. Image, Video and Graphic Design   
  4. Hosting, SSL, Transferring domains 
  5. Writing quality SEO Keyword-rich Content 
  6. Running  Keyword searches & Analytics 
  7. Adding Contact Forms and Reviews
  8. Mobile optimization, placement in Google 
  9. Analyzing your Site’s Performance


Email marketing differs from emailing your friend; therefore, we will discuss a successful email marketing campaign in-depth. From the email headline, and template design, to the practical strategies on creating and using the segmentation with the contact CRM list, you will thoroughly understand the structure of the email campaign after you book a consultation with us. 

Email marketing is the fastest way to connect directly with your target.   

But what does the email campaign include ? 

  1. Segmented Customer List and KPI 
  2. Contact Lists Vendors Outreach 
  3. Personalized Email Messages and Design 
  4. Drip Email Marketing Campaign  
What We Do -Green Desk Marketing
What We Do -Green Desk Marketing


Posting effective visual content and graphics along with your industry insights on your website and marketing collateral  improves Brand recognition, attention span, and recall by 85%. It also promotes lead generation and customer loyalty. Don’t let your website down. Upgrade the website and print collateral to better customer relationships, customer education, online reputation, and business authority.

Natural-born storytellers with a strong background in maintaining editorial standards, we are excited to manage the content for your Brand. 

What is included? 

  1. Writing, editing, and posting SEO optimized articles and press releases
  2. Designing visual content for web,  print materials and Social Media channels 
  3. Producing Customer-Facing Proposals,  Briefs, Marketing Collateral,  Educational Brochures, Flyers, etc


Advertising with Google will have a tremendous positive result for your Brand, if done right. We offer solutions for setting a Google Ad Account, producing and managing your Ads. We also give our guidance on Social Media Ads and Management, LinkedIn Advertising, ESG & PR. 

Let’s brainstorm the practical ways to increase your Brand’s popularity, as well as solutions for publishing our articles, videos, images, and Ads featuring your Business online.

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Client Opinion

Fantastic job with market research, new market opportunities, and SEO content for our brand. Having Elena as our consultant was bliss. She has a professional, yet friendly demeanor and was able to explain complex marketing concepts in straightforward terms that brought our collaboration to the next level!
Marketing for dentists
Rose Hopkins
“Elena, thank you for managing awesome marketing and advertising campaigns and the marketing event dedicated to my Brand. I had significant sale increase after your work and strategic input.”~ Kasia Bosne - the founder and owner of Rawmantic Chocolate - gluten-free, organic, dairy-free chocolate Brand based in NYC.
Digital Marketing for female entrepreneurs
Kasia Bosne



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